WhatsApp about lines in English

An eye with dust & a heart with trust always cries

The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect, it means I appreciate what I have

I am loyal to who is loyal to me

 Success always follows hard work.

Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once.

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that.

Elegance doesn’t consist of putting on a new dress.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I’m wise, so I’m changing myself.

Life is too short to be serious, so laugh.

Attitude is contagious. Make yours worth catching.

Attitude is like underwear, don’t show it just wear it.

Don’t like me? Huh? Then why are you so interested in checking my WhatsApp status.

Hey, don’t move! I have lost my mind.

I don’t give attitude I just return it with interest.

I don’t need your attitude I have one of my own.

Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment, but no one will solve them

Life is too short, so why are you wasting it reading my WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp is like a refrigerator, you know there is nothing new but still, you check it.

Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.

BE HAPPY! Even if you are not, pretend to be happy

You need the right people with you not the best people