When Google searches on YouTube, its data gets saved. When you search in Google, your data is saved. Or maybe Google products like and Google Maps location is saved to your data.

But if we want to clear Google data, then we clear single-single data. In this article, you will tell you how to completely clear all Google's data.

Simple Ways to permanently to delete all Google history 

1.Open google,chrome

2.Search bar to search "My Activity" Click on the first link ( like this down image)

3.Then so you "My google activity"

4.Click on the "Delete button"( like this down image)

5.Click on the "All time"( like this down image)

6.Then Click on the "Select all"( like this down image) Click on the "Next"( like this down image)

7.delete all data

8."Congrats" All your data has been deleted