The Hokage is the supreme commander of the Naruto universe. As the head of the shinobi in the Land of Fire, the Kage is one of the country's most influential and respected leaders. It makes sense, then, that Naruto - a boy who has been taunted and rebuked all his life - has made it his life's goal to become the fifth Hokage. Sadly, Naruto never achieves this particular dream. Instead, he becomes the seventh Hokage much further in the future, at the end of his series.

Is Kakashi becoming Hokage in Naruto Shippuden?

The title of Fifth Hokage went to Tsunade Senju, the legendary Sannin and medical ninjutsu innovator. More curious than the story of the fifth, or the rise of the seventh, is the more modest role of the man who will become Hokage between Lady Tsunade and Naruto's terms.

As one of the most powerful and famous shinobi in the Land of Fire, Kakashi Hatake took over the role of Hokage between Tsunade's departure and Naruto's inauguration. Most of his time in the office is not covered in the series, as it happens towards the end of the original Naruto series. However, the story of his life as Hokage, as well as the actions he took during this time, are some of the highlights in Kakashi's characters.

Why did Kakashi become Hokage?

Simply put, Kakashi became Hokage because, besides Naruto (who was both young and still a genin), he was the best shinobi in the village. The hokage is most often defined by strength, and his genius on the battlefield more than qualified him for this position. On top of that, he is the only non-Sannin to have ever completed over 1000 missions in the history of the Leaf Village. Both statistically and practically, Kakashi is more than strong enough to take on the role of Hokage.

The only thing that really interferes with Kakashi's ascent to the Hokage is Kakashi himself. As talented as a wannabe ninja is, his goal is never to climb the career ladder. He considered himself primarily a soldier and always considered completing assignments as his top priority. Politics, not to mention the paperwork associated with the existence of the Hokage, seemed out of his comfort zone.

Despite this, the other characters looked to Kakashi as their leader throughout the series. Whether it was because his students saw him as their teacher, or because his peers appreciated his strength and intelligence, Kakashi was one of the first to be pointed out by others when Tsunade fell into a coma and Danz was dead. Even then, he was reluctant to take on the role and felt relieved when Tsunade recovered. However, he could not escape for long, as after the Fourth Shinobi World War ended and Tsunade resigned, she appointed him as her successor.