There are some people who think that Shiv and Parvati’s hand signifies their love. It is believed that they are holding hands to show the world that they are in love.

This is a very romantic picture of Shiv and Parvati. They are holding hands with a beautiful landscape behind them. It is a great picture to have on your wall or desk if you like Indian mythology.

I am holding a Shiv Parvati hand pic in my hand. The Shiv Parvati is the symbol of marriage and it is also a symbol of love.

The shiv parvati hand pic is a beautiful gift for your loved one on their wedding day. It is also an auspicious sign that signifies the union of Shiva and Parvati, which means that you are blessed with good luck and prosperity in life.

Shiv Parvati Hand Pics are a part of many Indian Hindu wedding ceremonies.

The bride and groom exchange these pictures during the ceremony. The groom holds the bride’s right hand, while the bride holds her husband’s right hand. They are then photographed with their hands together.