Tinsukia College offers a range of undergraduate courses in arts, science and commerce streams. Tinsukia College Admissions are also open for aspiring candidates who wish to pursue their graduation from this college. The following article will help you with all the valuable information related to Tinsukia College admissions.

11thTinsukia college admission | First Year Tinsukia college admission

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12thTinsukia college admission | Second Year Tinsukia college admission

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B.A Tinsukia college admission 

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Tinsukia College was founded in 1956 as a consequence of the tireless efforts of the late B. K. Saraswathi, who rallied the support of like-minded residents of Tinsukia, which was then a part of the Lakhimpur District, to gather all necessary resources. The college would not have existed without their help and patronage. The college began operations in the current location of Senairam Higher Secondary School on September 1, 1956, before moving to its current location in Kachujan in 1961. 

The institution initially began as an intermediate-level arts college, but the next year the commerce stream was created. The college was raised to degree level in 1957 itself. The addition of the Science stream in 1964, which turned Tinsukia College into a full-fledged degree college, has a special place in the college's history. It is an accomplishment in and of itself for an educational institution to reach this level within eight years of being founded. Courses were offered through Gauhati University till 1964, however when Dibrugarh University was founded in 1965, The college was placed under its control. This institution was supported by the public's charitable donations until 1961, when it was given the status of "Deficit-in-aid" college and qualified to receive financial aid from the Assam government. Later in 1969, the college qualified for receiving planned financial help for development projects after receiving recognition from the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. As a result of the historic decision made by the Assam government to provincialize all deficit grant-in-aid colleges beginning on December 1, 2005, Tinsukia College now has the status of a provincialized college.

On the talent of its students, the commitment of professors, and the vision of the principals, the institution gradually expanded. With more than 3500 students enrolled and a teaching fraternity of nearly 80 members, the institution that began as an academic venture with a small number of students and four faculty members has expanded into a large family that has contributed to the development of this top-tier institution of higher learning. This coed university has 5 faculties: Arts, Science, Commerce, Management, and Computer Science. It has been offering education at both the Higher Secondary and Degree levels. The institution now has 17 departments in total, including Bengali, Assamese, Botany, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geography, Hindi, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Statistics, and Zoology are among the other languages. All other departments, with the exception of Bengali and Computer Science, provide degree-level honours courses.

Additionally, it offers BBA and BCA professional degree programmes. Numerous UG and PG courses are provided at the college's Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University study centre.